Julienne GIvotWhen not doing a billion other things with my life, I make art.  My gallery of late seems to be Instagram which frankly is a blessing and a curse for the creative type.

My influences are many and might not correlate directly to my work.  Robert Frank, Nick Bantok, Joan Miro, Mary Ellen Mark, Josephine Boles (Grandma), Joseph Cornell and Tom Waits are among my most beloved and influential creative minds. When I find myself bereft of inspiration I turn to opening books of poetry at random or tapping shuffle on my phone and finding out what happens next.

Random is often not that random at all.

Hafiz is my muse.

I wrote the following for a gallery catalog years ago.  Sometimes I re-read it and think I’m totally full of BS.  Then other times I think it’s accurate.  Go fig.

“I’m inspired by questions – the end of the story before the beginning. My images are diverse and often funny or dark, sometimes both. Visually, subjects tend to cling to edges or walk off them creating what I like to call a mini-gestalt ride.  Sometimes I know what I am about to illustrate because I’m working through something and other times I’m surprised as hell at what winds up getting created.”
– Julienne Givot


Cultural Anthropology and Juvenile Literature in California
Photography & Film in Boston
Archetypes & Mythology
Graduated 1994 New England School of Photography (portraiture and experimental color)

Exhibiting work since 1992


painting, photography, multimedia, site specific installation, film/video

The Billion Other Things:

Web, Social, Media Production

Wedding Officiant

Archetypal Psychology


Julienne Givot aka Jules – Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

jg @ bothandmedia dot com  |  (510) 813-4114